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Femi's short play, I Am Not There, featured at NitroBEAT Bites at Soho Theatre in June 2016. The play tells the story of Nia, a young woman who discovers she has terminal cancer.

Femi's full length play of the same name, inspired by the short, was developed with support from Talawa Theatre Company, Soho Theatre, and The Carne Trust and featured in the 2017 Talawa Firsts Festival.


Watch the short play

NitroBEAT Bites cast

Nia - Adelle Leonce

Kaz - Mariam Haque

Talawa Firsts cast

Nia - Veronica Lewis

Kaz - Rachel Clarke

Calvin - Jude Akuwudike

Vanessa - Jo Martin

Dre - Ivanno Jerimiah

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